• With hundreds of different sizes, types, models and functions, finding the right replacement cartridge for your filtration system can be hard! This is why we specialise in matching cartridges to your filtration system.

    Whether its a sediment, inline or carbon filter, 20 microns or 1 micron, 9" or 12", the cartridge/s you require we can order, supply, deliver to your door and install.

    Every filtration system will require at least one cartridge and every system will have different requirements.

    Filtration systems requiring cartridges include; water tanks, undersink, reverse osmosis, shower, fridge, coffee and caravan systems. We recommend each cartridge to be replaced at least every 6-12 months depending on usage.

  • We provide a range of water filtration solutions to meet business and domestic needs. Enjoy purified water in your kitchen or your whole house. The filtration system can be selectively adjusted to suit – reducing chlorine, taste & odour, chemicals and sediment in your water. Suits mains water supplies (town water) or rainwater tank connections. At the Pure Water Specialists Hunter, we stock and supply all types of water filter cartridges including countertop, undersink, showers, fridges and caravans. We pride ourselves on quality products and workmanship and promise our best price guaranteed. The Pure Water Specialists of the Hunter are a local business based in the Hunter Valley of NSW. Contact our team to learn more about pricing on our great range of water filters.
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