Magnesium Carbonate Water

Insufficient amount of bicarbonates in our blood reduces our capabilities to manage the acid our body produces which in turn is the cause of ageing. Research has found that magnesium’s abilities can only be fully utilised when the body is hydrated. Only a limited amount of magnesium mineral uptake is possible in a body that is not adequately hydrated.

Our bodies need magnesium everyday. Therefore by drinking magnesium bicarbonate water whilst we hydrate our body we are also giving ourselves many other benefits including;

  • increased digestion
  • nutrient absorption
  • increased energy levels
  • detoxification of the cells.


Our 15Litre bottles are environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable! We recycle and reuse all of our bottles! This is of course after they are thoroughly sterilised! Our bottles are BPA free which means they’re bisphenol-A chemical free and non toxic!


**Note – If your bottle(s) are not returned after your next scheduled delivery an 11$ fee will be incurred. 

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