• Pure Water

    Our Pure water is loved by all and you’ll know once you try it! Put through a series of different cartridge filters, all the terrible odours, taste, sediment and heavy minerals & metals are removed from the water so it’s essentially pure water! We can deliver or you can pick up in-store.
  • Alkaline Water


    Our Alkaline water is becoming more and more popular everyday with more people realising its potential! Alkaline water has many potential benefits including:

    • Hydration
    • Detoxification
    • Balanced body pH
    • Weight loss
    • Anti-ageing
    • Heart health & blood pressure
    • Liver health
    • Bone health
    • Digestive health
    • Sports performance
    We also make Magnesium Water & Demineralised Antibacterial Water for CPAP machines as well as Sports Water for athletes!
  • Distilled water is created by heating the water until it evaporates, which only affects the water molecules, so residue is left behind. The purified water is cooled until it becomes a liquid and is packaged as distilled water. Because distilled water has been stripped of its minerals, it’s often used in:
    • steam irons
    • aquariums (mineral supplements should be added to the fish food)
    • car cooling systems
    • laboratory experiments
    • certain medical devices, such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices.
    CPAP machines should use distilled water which removes nasty contaminants, minerals and pollutants from the water, maintaining a healthy chamber while protecting the patient and equipment.
  • Insufficient amount of bicarbonates in our blood reduces our capabilities to manage the acid our body produces which in turn is the cause of ageing. Research has found that magnesium's abilities can only be fully utilised when the body is hydrated. Only a limited amount of magnesium mineral uptake is possible in a body that is not adequately hydrated. Our bodies need magnesium everyday. Therefore by drinking magnesium bicarbonate water whilst we hydrate our body we are also giving ourselves many other benefits including;
    • increased digestion
    • nutrient absorption
    • increased energy levels
    • detoxification of the cells.
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